How long does an Arizona Good Cause Exception take

How long does an Arizona Good Cause Exception take?

How long does an Arizona Good Cause Exception takeThe good cause exception is a special remedy that can be used in the event that an applicant for a fingerprint clearance card was denied by the Arizona Department of Public Safety of a fingerprint because of past criminal history. The good cause exception can be used as an appeal an remedy to obtain a fingerprint clearance card.  But, the length of time required to obtain a good cause exception varies upon different circumstances.

The period of time needed for the good cause exception application process is dependent on a variety of parameters.  However, from the time the Arizona Board of Fingerprinting receives a complete application package as well as the criminal records that we obtain from the DPS, the Board will perform an expedited review within twenty (20) days. A period of seven (7) to ten (10) days will pass by to be able for the Board to get a hold of your criminal records as soon as they receive your application.

During the expedited review, the Board has the power to grant your fingerprint clearance card or deny it which automatically entitles you to a hearing. In the event that you must appear at a hearing, the process may add up to four (4) months. Several factors that may affect the processing of the application contain the following:

  • If your application is complete upon submission: An incomplete submission will toll the processing period as the Board cannot process it if there are requirements that have not been met or documents that need to be obtained first.
  • Time needed to complete the application: The period of time it takes you to complete your application.
  • Criminal Documents: Whether you have all of the necessary criminal documents.

In general, the length of time can vary wildly depending upon the factors listed above.

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