Arizona Teacher Fingerprint Clearance Card Suspension

Arizona Teacher Fingerprint Clearance Card Suspension

Arizona Teacher Fingerprint Clearance Card Suspension

What happens when a teacher’s Fingerprint Clearance Card gets suspended? 

Here in the state of Arizona, education professionals are required to have a Fingerprint Clearance Card.

This process is straightforward after you receive the card. However, suppose you’re under arrest within the state of Arizona. In that case, there’s a notification on the Board of Fingerprinting. Then, they may suspend your Fingerprint Clearance Card.

Well, what does card suspension mean for you?

Most school districts do have information in their employment contracts. If not, their teacher’s policy handbooks specify that you must notify the school if you are arrested or convicted of a crime. You also may be required to notify the State Board of Education directly, depending on the offense and the arrest. Still, the arrest itself will trigger a suspension of your Fingerprint Clearance Card.

Vital Information Regarding Card Suspension

Your card suspension can be detrimental to your employment with your school district. So, what happens after your card suspension?

If your card is under suspension, you can ask for a good cause exception or to lift the card suspension. Most of the time, you must prove the disposition of your case. That means dismissal of the charges or your criminal conviction and sentence to lift card suspension.

Suppose you provide all that information to the Fingerprint Clearance Card. The committee on the Board of Fingerprinting can do these on your card:

  • Lift the card suspension
  • Grant a reasonable cause exception
  • May take it to a hearing where you would meet with an administrative law judge to discuss your case(to see whether to grant you an exception)

The thing to remember most is that if you have a Fingerprint Clearance Card here in Arizona, an arrest will trigger a card suspension. So, you want to be aware of that.

Also, as we discussed, you can ask for a good cause exception to lift card suspension or go to an administrative hearing to show the disposition of your case. That means done. Over with, nothing is pending. You’re not a danger to the children you would be working with, and that is the cause why you have your card.