Good Cause Excpetion Court Documents

Arizona Fingerprint Board Court DocumentsWhen to obtain Arizona Fingerprint Board Court Documents

If you’re trying to obtain Fingerprint Clearance Card, but you have previous convictions it’s important to know what the Arizona Board of Fingerprinting requires from you. Individuals must also show the Board they have completed sentences for all convictions, no matter how long ago they occurred. In some cases, applicants must show the disposition of a charge (if you were not ultimately convicted).  You can provide Arizona Fingerprint Board Court Documents as evidence of your past case dispositions (how the case finally concluded) and criminal history.  The Board will then assess your criminal history and case dispositions through the documents you provide to them.

Court Documents for Convictions

Individuals must obtain court documents to show you have completed your sentence.

Court Documents for Charges

Applicants should also obtain court documents showing the disposition of the case. These documents will shot the Board whether the case(s) were dismissed, struck, etc.

When to Hire an Attorney

It’s critical you know when to hire an attorney and how an attorney can help you. An attorney can help direct you on where and how to get the documentation you need to present to the Board. They can also help represent you and give you the best chance at obtaining a Fingerprint Clearance Card. That’s why it’s important to have an experienced professional on your side. At Chelle Law, our attorney’s can assist you in obtaining documentation, representing you in front of the Arizona Fingerprint Board and more.