Arizona Fingerprint Clearance Card

Arizona Fingerprint Clearance CardArizona law requires many professions to have an active Arizona Fingerprint Clearance Card prior to licensure, certification, or employment.  Your licensing, certifying, or authorizing agency, board, or employer can advise whether you need a fingerprint clearance card.

Applicant Clearance Card Team

The Applicant Clearance Card Team (ACCT) at the Arizona Department of Public Safety, receives applications and reviews criminal history records of applicants to determine their suitability to receive a fingerprint clearance card, and periodically updates the status of current fingerprint clearance cards.  The stated mission of the ACCT is to assist in the protection of vulnerable citizens.  They do this through the collection and analysis of criminal history record information.  Next, it is then determined whether the clearance card applicant is suited to provide services to those at-risk groups.

Fingerprint Clearance Card Application Problems

If an applicant is determined to have a criminal history or they have been placed on the Child Protective Services Central Registry they will have to apply (and obtain) an exception (good cause or central registry) from the Arizona Board of Fingerprinting.

Arizona Identity Verified Prints

Some applicants must obtain Identity Verified Prints which require an extra step. An Identity Verified Print requires the verification of the identity of the applicant through recognized means of photographic identification.  Then a comparison of the demographic information on the photographic identification against the demographic information on the application form and the fingerprint card. The person taking the fingerprints shall enter on the application  a description of the photographic identification presented by the applicant. The entity shall place the completed fingerprint card, the completed application form or any other form required by the department of public safety and the fee provided by the applicant in the postage prepaid envelope provided by the department of public safety and mail it to the fingerprinting division in the department of public safety.  This means the technician taking the fingerprints must mail the fingerprint card directly to the Arizona Department of Public Safety.

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