Arizona Fingerprint Board Personal Statement

Arizona Fingerprint Board Personal StatementThe Arizona Board of Fingerprinting requires an Arizona Fingerprint Board Personal Statement that describes, in detail, each of your arrests or charges in your application package.  The Board has even created a handout which contains examples of positive and negative personal statements for your good cause exception or central registry exception.  This statement will be reviewed in the initial expedited review of your application.  An effective personal statement can help you avoid a good cause exception hearing.

Fingerprint Board Personal Statement Contents

The personal statement should contain the following:

  • An explanation of every criminal charge (whether it resulted in a conviction or not)
    • In Arizona and in every other state
    • At any point in your life (time does not matter)
  • What was going on in your life at the time of the charge
    • Were you having substance abuse issues
    • Psychological problems
    • Bad relationship lead to poor decision making
    • Financial troubles
    • Family drama, etc.
  • Steps you’ve taken to rehabilitate or modify your behavior since the charge
    • Rehabilitation or treatment for substance abuse
    • No longer in a bad relationship
    • Psychological treatment (on new medication)
    • Continuing Education
    • Exercise, diet changes, etc.

Fingerprint Board Personal Statement Tips

  • Follow the instructions carefully
  • Allow yourself enough time to write, revise, and proofread your personal statement
  • Describe your strengths.
  • Read your personal statement out loud to make sure it flows and makes sense.
  • Ask someone to proofread your work to make sure your grammar and spelling are correct.
  • Type your personal statement or ask someone to type it for you

If you need assistance in preparing your Arizona Fingerprint Board Personal Statement contact Chelle Law.