Arizona Fingerprint Board Hearing

Arizona Fingerprint Board HearingIf an applicant for a fingerprint clearance card has an Arizona Fingerprint Board Hearing scheduled under a good cause exception or central registry exception the Office of Administrative Hearings will hear the case. 

If you have to appear at a hearing, you must arrive at the time, date, and place specified in the notice of hearing. When your hearing begins, you will appear in a room before an administrative law judge. The administrative law judge will swear you in and then ask you questions specific to your case.

Fingerprint Board Hearing Topics Covered

  • What your past crimes were or why you were placed on the Central Registry
  • Steps you have taken to rehabilitate or change your behavior
  • Why you should be given a fingerprint clearance card
  • Review of documents submitted

Arizona Good Cause Exception Hearing

Arizona Central Registry Hearing


If you have an Arizona Fingerprint Board Hearing scheduled contact Chelle Law.