Arizona Board of Fingerprinting

Arizona Board of Fingerprinting

LICENSING BOARD: Arizona Board of Fingerprinting
Mail Code 185, P.O. Box 6129
Phoenix, AZ 85005-6129
PHONE: 602.265.0135
WEB: Arizona Fingerprint Board

The Arizona Board of Fingerprinting handles:

  • Central-registry exceptions:

    Individuals with substantiated allegations of child abuse or neglect are listed in the Department of Child Safety Central Registry. The Board reviews applications from individuals who have been disqualified after a central-registry background check.  The applicant must demonstrate that they are rehabilitated, and have not had continued substantiated allegations.

  • Good-cause exceptions:

    Individuals with criminal histories whose fingerprint clearance card has been denied or suspended by the Arizona Department of Public Safety.  The applicant must demonstrate that they are rehabilitated, and have not committed additional criminal acts.

We can provide assistance with:

Status of Arizona Board of Fingerprinting Case

Board staff will not share information about a case with anyone but the applicant, unless the staff has received explicit, written permission to share information. The written permission must state:

  1. Whom the staff can share information with
  2. Signature of the applicant
  3. Current date

An applicant’s case status update will not be provided by e-mail unless the applicant has submitted an authorization form.

If you need legal assistance with the Arizona Board of Fingerprinting contact us at 602.344.9865.