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We assist individuals with Arizona Fingerprint Clearance Card issues before the Arizona Board of Fingerprinting.

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If you have been denied a Fingerprint Clearance Card, don’t panic. You may qualify for a Good Cause Exception.

Arizona Central Registry Exception

A Central Registry Exception is for individuals listed on the CPS central registry. After receiving an application, the Board will conduct an expedited review.

Arizona Fingerprint Board Attorney

Fingerprint Board Hearings

Our Arizona Board of Fingerprinting Attorney educates clients on how things work and what to expect as they face challenges with the Arizona Fingerprint Board.

Arizona Clearance Card Lawyers | Fingerprint Clearance

One valid reason for an applicant for a fingerprint clearance card to receive an Arizona Fingerprint Card Denial is past criminal incidents (this includes convictions in other states besides Arizona).

Arizona Clearance Card Criminal History

Card Applicant Criminal History

We assist with Arizona Clearance Card Criminal History analysis. Learn what crimes lead to a fingerprint card denial or suspension

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